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1. Sean G.

This place is great. is it worth the two hour plus wait that some people take? I'm not sure about that. It's definitely something you should experience once. Drinks are fantastic. It's an amazing experience and just all around fun place.

2. Perry S.

This place is awesome and only cost 10 bucks. The bartender is great. cash only bar but pretty awesome place and finally decent prices. It's dicey but I like it that way. Finally a reasonable price at a bar!!!!

3. Shannon W.

On 5/20/23, we got the monkey's tail under special. This rum cocktail tasted better than the other banana rum cocktail under the rum section. The friendly bartender, despite the huge crowd, was attentive. He put a huge hand of banana when blending the drink, making it extra fresh fruit the way I like. Explained we should let it set so the pineapple juice settles down first and re-poured us all the way to the top, making sure there was plenty of booze. Thank you!

4. Laura L.

Trad'r Sam is a San Francisco gem, and it's pretty impossible to walk out of sober. Their cash only bar has an extensive menu, with wacky descriptions. Your best best is telling the bartender what you're in the mood for, and they'll make you something that will not disappoint. I especially liked their blended drinks, but everything I tried was delicious. Everything on the menu was around $10 or so, which is pretty unheard of in SF. Service was a little slow, but it was honestly for the best- that way we could pace ourselves. The interior decor and seatings are definitely tacky, but it adds to this place's charm.

5. Jose G.

I haven't been to this place since 2016. It was good to be back with friends and order bowls again. I'm glad it wasn't as busy when we came, and we could get a table with our group. The bowls were good, and the price was reasonable. I had a good time! The bartenders were attentive and made the bowls quickly. FYI if you decide to come here, it's cash only, and there's an ATM inside, but there's a fee to withdraw. You are better off going to the bank in advance and withdrawing funds.